SERP Tracker under $10

Use the most special SERP Tracker and promote your online business professionally

Many webmasters are eager to know about the current rank of their website. They are very conscious about the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is because they know the importance of SERP behind the power of their online business. A keyword query plays the major role in the SERP.

A search engine returns the list of results subsequent to a keyword query.  This SERP results include, but not limited to a list of relevant items with titles, a short description and a reference to the whole version.  There are many SERP Trackers online in our time. It is the right time to choose the best SERP Tracker and use it efficiently.


CompanyPlanPrice ($/month)KeywordsDomainsUpdate Frequency 
ProRankTrackerFree0202dailyVisit - Review
BunnyRankfree01010dailyVisit - Review
BunnyRanktrial3.952525dailyVisit - Review
BunnyRankstarter7.955050dailyVisit - Review
CanirankFree01-Visit - Review
CuteRankFREE011dailyVisit - Review
Link-AssistantFree0unlimitedunlimitedon demandVisit - Review
MicroSiteMastersFREE010UnlimiteddailyVisit - Review
NorrthFree0101dailyVisit - Review
RankScannerBasic030monthlyVisit - Review
RankScannerSilver9100unlimitedtwice a weekVisit - Review
SeorchONE1010010dailyVisit - Review
SeoStationFree031dailyVisit - Review
SeoStationStarter9255dailyVisit - Review
SeRankingPersonal4.2505once 1 weekVisit - Review
SeRankingPersonal5.6505every 3 daysVisit - Review
SeRankingPersonal7505dailyVisit - Review
SeRankingPersonal7.161005once 1 weekVisit - Review
SeRankingPersonal9.61005every 3 daysVisit - Review
SerpBookbasic9.9550unlimiteddaily + on demandVisit - Review
SerpFoxFree010UnlimiteddailyVisit - Review
SerpFoxStarter1050UnlimiteddailyVisit - Review
SerpLabFree0unlimitedunlimitedon demandVisit - Review
SerposcopeFree0unlimitedunlimitedon demandVisit - Review
SerpYouBronze95050dailyVisit - Review
SiteoscopeStarter9.99351dailyVisit - Review
TrafficTravisFree0302-Visit - Review
WebCEOFree06dailyVisit - Review
WhatsMySerpFree050020on demandVisit - Review
WincherPRO720001dailyVisit - Review


Roles of SERP tracking tool

The most outstanding features of the SERP tracking tool are used to

  • Analyze competitor’s keyword efficiency
  • Determine the overall efficiency of Internet marketing efforts
  • Save time, money and efforts
  • Share data with other applications

If you understand all these benefits of SERP tracking, then you will be encouraged to invest in the world-class yet inexpensive SERP Tracker on time.  As an online business owner, you have the responsibility to promote different aspects of your online business. You can use this rank tracking tool to know the best suitable keywords for promoting your business in the desired way.

This successful tool assists every user to be aware of overall performance of their website on every renowned search engine.  You can make use of every aspect of this tool to optimize your website for every search engine as efficient as possible.  If you ensure about the rank of your website against a keyword or an array of keywords on different domains in leading search engines, then you will choose the best way and promote your online business further.


serp tracker


Track and improve ranking

Bear in mind that every keyword you have chosen for your content must be related to the main theme of your website.  Do not prefer too broad keywords. This is because you have geared up to drive traffic towards your online business portal.  You can make use of Latent Semantics Index keywords and maximize the overall possibilities of the website traffic improvement.

The most recommended SERP Trackers available under $10 are as follows.

  • SerpFox
  • SerpBook
  • SeoStation
  • Seorch
  • RankScanner
  • ProRankTracker
  • Norrth
  • MicroSiteMasters
  • Link-Assistant
  • CuteRank
  • Canirank
  • BunnyRank

You can select the best suitable SERP tracking tool when you focus on the plan, price, keywords, domains, update time and other aspects associated with this category of online tools.  You can seek advice from experts in this sector and make a good decision about how to invest in the best tool for tracking Search Engine Results Page on time.

Once you have started using the world-class SERP tracking software, you will get the most expected support to develop your online business.   You will be confident to invest in the most appropriate SEO services and excel in your online business niche as planned.